Homeless Dental Clinic

The ehm’s Dental Clinic provides free dental care to some of Toronto’s most vulnerable citizens – those facing poverty, homelessness, physical and mental illnesses, and extreme social isolation – and help these individuals live the most healthy, dignified and independent lives possible.

As you can imagine, people without private insurance often have inadequate dental care. Dental services are simply unaffordable for many members of society. Social benefits offer extremely limited coverage which does not allow for preventive hygiene work.

Homeless, ehm's dental clinic

Most underemployed and low-income individuals cannot afford the cost of dental care, enduring painful conditions and missing teeth. Unable to chew food properly many suffer from inadequate nutrition and poor health.

We believe that access to proper dental care is necessary to live a dignified and happy life. We have two dental suites and a medical office within our building to help serve as many people as we can.

To be considered, please prepare the following documents:

  • Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment for the previous year
  • Copy of the most recent paystub or copy of the most recent OW cheque
  • Your contact information (phone number or email)

Send documents via fax: 416-504-8056, Attn: Daire or by e-mail at daire.lopez@evangelhall.ca

Please note – We are currently recruiting Volunteer Dentists and Hygienists.

For more information on how you can volunteer contact:

Daire Lopez at (416) 504-3563 x 290 or e-mail daire.lopez@evangelhall.ca