Women's Group

The Women’s Group is co-ordinated by a group of dedicated volunteers who share their skills and offer genuine hospitality and joy that all of the women embrace. The program consists of 10 to 15 participants. Many are long-term, while new faces are always welcome and greeted warmly.

This is a social recreational program engaging females of all ages in a variety of arts and crafts, and social/recreational activities. Occasionally, guest speakers are invited to share information on nutrition, healthy living, budgeting and a variety of other topics relating to everyday life. Our on-site community kitchen provides a practical and comfortable space for the group to work and share together. Participants learn the skills of cooking, team work and socializing. The ehm Women’s Group provides a safe, supportive social community for women to gain confidence, build friendships and offers a few hours of respite from the challenges they face in their daily lives.


Men’s Group

Every Thursday up to 15 men gather to enjoy fellowship and support. There are movie days, outings and support where needed. Snacks are provided.