Michael Litvak, Denturist

ehm volunteer and donor

Treating patients at ehm isn’t like treating patients in a private practice.

I can do a simple fix and just like that, it’s changed the life of the patient in front of me. For so many patients, the cost of dental care means that they have had a lot of teeth pulled. They just didn’t have a choice. The work that I do gives patients the confidence to smile. When you are starting a new life – maybe it’s a new job, a new relationship, or going back to school – everything is hard. At least I know they can do these things without worrying about being judged because they couldn’t afford to go to the dentist. I know it makes a difference – a lot people cry because they’re so happy.

There isn’t anywhere else for patients to go if they can’t afford dental care. And the demand for services here is high – the clinic needs your support. I hope you’ll make a donation right now by clicking here to support our patients to rebuild their lives. And please consider volunteering. We need dentists and denturists to take shifts at the clinic. You can email ehm for more information about volunteering, or call at 416 504 3563 x 235.

With thanks,
Michael Litvak






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