Our Vision

A mission operating on the principle of loving one’s neighbour as one’s self, we welcome all who come.

We are committed to community leadership in assisting poor, homeless and socially isolated people achieve emotional, social, spiritual and physical health and well- being.


Our Mission

We are an inner-city mission whose purpose is to build community with poor, homeless and socially isolated people in Toronto through support, housing, services and advocacy.


Our Values

The following values have been accepted as core values and value statements to guide staff in decisions and service at Evangel Hall. As staff we will strive to:

  • Offer unconditional love and acceptance to everyone that we interact with at Evangel Hall, respecting their person, beliefs and values;
  • Cheerfully offer service in all things great and small to participants, fellow staff and volunteers;
  • Break the cycle of isolation and loneliness through relationship, offering a gift of heart and friendship to all;
  • Treat everyone, particularly program participants with a reverence and dignity that they are due as a child of God;
  • Undertake duties in a faithful and consistent manner being faithful to any commitments that we have made to participants, staff and volunteers;
  • Demonstrate integrity in everything, remembering that character and actions will speak more loudly than words;
  • To affirm one another being tolerant of our differences and our failures;
  • Create a welcoming community for everyone, with the least among us valued as the most important;
  • Promote pride, self-esteem and self –actualization in participants by consistently teaching skills and modeling life long learning and growth.
  • Seek the God of our understanding, realizing that the true meaning in life comes from seeking to do God’s will. Our faith in participants is the reflection of our faith in God’s love.