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You have the power to change lives! By purchasing our community-building gifts you are investing in the programs and tools that women, men and families need to succeed. The gift that you purchase come with a card and a tax receipt.

For more than 100 years, Evangel Hall Mission has helped homeless and socially isolated individuals find a safe haven from the streets. Every day, ehm will feed, clothe, and find shelter for up to 150 men and women.

We provide material, emotional and spiritual help that breaks the bonds of loneliness and despair. Everybody is welcomed into our community with a warm smile and kind heart. Please help us to continue this support.



 A special place in our community for 100 years

This community is a place where broken people come to heal and find peace. This is what this Evangel Hall has done for me. Who knows where I would be? It makes me smile to think of how many lives have been saved.

Ruth, a drop-in client

Miracles happen here everyday. This community is a true example of how love and compassion can transform a persons life, providing both dignity and hope.

Wanda, a drop-in client